江西多乐彩走势图:An Exclusive Fen Chiew Tasting Dinner was held at London's Bulgari Hotel

江西多乐彩基本走势图 2018-10-19 19:57:00 China Minutes

To celebrate the successful entry of Fen Chiew, a sorghum-based Chinese liquor originating from China's Shanxi Province into the UK's high-end market and the London-based Harrods department store, Cheng International Co Limited had invited 100 guests to attend a dinner which was held at the Bulgari Hotel, London. Participants included board members of the Shanxi Xinghuacun Liquor Group, Bulgari Group representatives, the London Philharmonic Orchestra, Barclays Bank senior executives, HSBC, Lloyds Bank, luxury brand partners and established names from British culture, art and fashion.

The Fen Chiew tasting dinner was held to enable Fen Chiew to become an established luxury product among the UK's high-end liquor brands. This dinner was also an opportunity for people to better understand the history and culture of Fen Chiew and Chinese baijiu in general, while becoming immersed in the flavors of this long-established Chinese spirit. This was an opportunity for both Chinese and British participants to sample one of most prestigious China's national baijiu brands.

Highlights of the evening:

Cheng International Co Limited cooperated with Bulgari Hotel to produce three exquisite delicacies, two of which were special custom-made cocktails using Fen Chiew as the base alcohol. At the same time, the bar provided Fen Chiew shots for guests to enjoy.

A four-course meal was served for dinner. Through the joint efforts of Cheng International Co Limited and Bulgari banquet chefs, three innovative dishes had been conjured up using Fen Chiew as one of the ingredients.

There was a music performance at dinner by the London Philharmonic Orchestra, a partner of Cheng International Co Limited.

A surprise gift has been given to each guest to conclude the evening.

Introduction to Fen Chiew:

In early October 2018, Fen Chiew from Xinghua village in China’s shanxi province entered London’s Harrods department store. Its unique blue and white porcelain bottle represents the long history of Fen Chiew and Chinese baijiu in general, which has become a great attraction in the Western market. A dedicated showcase area with Fen Chiew’s English logo has also been presented by Harrods.

The history of Fen Chiew can be described as a reflection of the history of Chinese baijiu. The history of Fen Chiew can be traced back to the Yangshao culture period more than 6,000 years ago. Xinghua village of Shanxi Province is the birthplace of Fen Chiew and “earthenware baijiu-making pots” were unearthed here. These pots are considered by the archaeological and spiritmaking industries to be the earliest brewing fermentation vessels. This is also the source of Chinese baijiu culture.

Fen Chiew has endured millennia of Chinese history and has experienced numerous glorious moments. As far back as 1500 years ago, Fen Chiew was highly praised by the Northern Qi Wucheng Emperor Gao Zhan when it was served at the royal court.

The most unique place in Xinghua village, Shanxi Province is the virgin forest covering more than 500 square kilometers, which has accumulated a rich abundance of water resources. This water filters through layers of rock resulting in a supply of sweet water, which can be tapped from the ground. The water used in the fermentation process is taken from the ground below Xinghua village and does not require the processing of natural pure water because it is clean and pollution-free.

Fermenting the baijiu in large vats embedded in the ground is a unique fermentation process created by the people of Xinghua village and has been passed down for thousands of years. The circular ceramic vats have a depth of 1.2 meters and a diameter of 0.8 meters. During fermentation, the grain is completely separated from the external soil, avoiding the interference of harmful microorganisms in the soil and air, which could influence the fermentation process. This ensures that the Fen Chiew is fragrant, pure and clean. The fermentation cycle generally lasts for at least 28 days.

Fen Chiew has been praised by the world for its "clear, positive, clean, cool, and fragrant" qualities. These five words not only highlight the quality and character of Fen Chiew, but also explain the process of Fen Chiew making.

Cheng International Co Limited

The exclusive UK distributor of the blue and white porcelain edition of Fen Chiew, Cheng International Co Limited was founded by Zhuqing Guan. Guan grew up in a family who ran a baijiu business. She has accumulated special skills and strong feelings for this variety of liquor.

· The family company Yingmin Sugar Wine Co., Ltd. was founded in 1996 and has cooperated with China's four major baijiu brands (Moutai, Wuliangye, Fen Chiew and Jiannanchun) for many years.

· Guan came to the UK to study economics and international business in 2007, and has actively participated in Chinese-British cultural and commercial exchange activities.

· In 2015, she officially took over the family business and began to prepare for the introduction of Chinese baijiu into the British market.

· In February 2018, Cheng International Co Limited cooperated with Bulgari luxury jewellery celebrating Lantern Festival with Fen Chiew.

· Since May 2018, Cheng International Co Limited has been setting out a long-term cooperation plan with Harrods.

· Since July 2018, Cheng International Co Limited has sponsored the Philharmonic Orchestra and begun a long-term relationship.

Zhuqing Guan, CEO, Cheng International Co Limited

“Cheng International Co Limited adheres to the business philosophy of honesty and sincerity. We hope to promote Chinese baijiu and baijiu culture in the UK's high-end market by promoting various forms of activities such as history and culture, brewing and crafts, as well as music and food. We hope that Europeans will be able to truly understand the charm of Chinese baijiu culture and create a new model for Chinese baijiu to enter the overseas high-end market.”



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