十一选五胆拖玩法:Content on video-sharing apps under strict management

江西多乐彩基本走势图 2018-10-29 09:26:03

Industry insiders believe that high-quality content plays a decisive role in promoting the development of the short video industry, especially now that the sector is being strictly supervised and renovated.

About 74.1 percent of Chinese netizens, or nearly 600 million people, currently use video-sharing apps including Douyin (also known as Tik Tok), Kuaishou and Bilibili, according to the China Internet Network Information Center (CNNIC).

A report said that China's short video market was valued at 5.73 billion yuan ($900 million) in 2017, an increase of 184 percent year-on-year. The market value is expected to reach 30 billion yuan by 2020.

However, the industry has been met with development bottlenecks alongside explosive growth, such as improper content and copyright issues. To cope with this, the industry authorities have this year taken strong measures to regulate the industry.

They urged relevant video-sharing platforms to effectively examine and guide video content, in an effort to exclude problematic platforms and leave room for legal and qualified ones.

A recent report on the country's management of social networks pointed out that content should be prioritized in the short video industry, and the right values should be adhered to in the creation and release of short videos.

Short video providers should spread positive content in the planning, creating, inspecting and recommendation of these videos, said an official with the Cyberspace Administration of China.



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